Interview with Tatiana Nikolaevna Verhoturtseva.
I am Tatiana Verhoturtseva, was born in 1956 in the Republic of Tajikistan, Kulob. By nationality - Russian. Education, higher education in 1978, graduated from the State Pedagogical Institute. Rudaki Kulob. Partisanship member of the Communist Party of Tajikistan. From 1978 to 2003, working in the organs of state structures. Since 2003, began working for the NGO "Nachoti kudakon" coordinator, and in 2011 became manager of the Program: "Creating a self-help groups in Kulobb region", which supports the Act Central Asia in Tajikistan. We work with focus groups consisting of poor-women, men and youth. We give a lot to their self-help groups to improve the capacity of members of self help groups such as: information, conduct educational seminars and various events., Offering free legal advice, psychologist, physician and social worker. And also send a mission to exchange experience in other GS and regions. Organization progresses from year to year, and increasing the potential of every employee. I am interested to work in that organization, is constantly in a cycle of events in a circle of people with them in sorrow and in joy, showing ways to solve problems out of poverty through increased capacity and raising powers. The organization united us in spirit and interests-ie, like-minded people Our organization is international. Provided many opportunities for self-education. A good technical base of the organization gave me the opportunity to receive computer literacy work. With the programs Microsoft Offi ce Word, Microsoft Offis Excel, Microsoft Office Power Point, Microsoft Office Publisher, Microsoft Office Access, during this period, acquired experience, skills, working with communities to enhance their potential participating in seminars (which have certificates), round tables, organizing and conducting events such as action -16 days against gender violence, fairs, exhibitions and workshops: on various topics such as: "The concept of self-help groups," "Domestic Violence" "Self-Help in Emergencies" and other members of self-help groups. I had the opportunity to be in a foreign trip, to visit the exchange of experience in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (2003) and the Republic of Afghanistan (2005) often write articles about the work of NGO "Nachoti kudakon" in the local newspaper "Kulob true." Knowledge of national language: Tajik allowed me to communicate with local people and work in communities with self-help groups, which are contingent Tajiks.