The government adopted a decree 164 of the National Strategy of the Republic of Tajikistan on actions to prevent disasters.

In the village Tuto our car drove at nine o'clock in the morning. During the first corner, where the playground is a local secondary school 52 Muminobod area, our eyes opened tableau. On the green grass of a football field on the perimeter of two, and in some places and some are located in three school children, they sat on the grass, listened attentively to their teachers, who told them about the upcoming event. For a moment, white shirts and shiny faces of the children ... brought upon the distant memories of already prosperous past, when we, heedless of the Soviet school, rigorous teacher taken out "on line" or the like so as now, here explaining the impending action. That this is not ordinary, that is, no protocol, realized as soon as they talked with the director of the Public Organization "Nojoti kudakon" (Save the Children) Kurbongul Kosimova and manager Tatiana Verhoturtseva.

- April 30, 2010 The Government passed a decree 164 of the National Strategy of the Republic of Tajikistan on actions to prevent disasters. And now, after a year, on April 30 already this year, you spend a huge event ...

- You have correctly noticed, when speaking of the scale, - said K. Kosimova. - Due to the fact that our project was the donor of Act Central Asia, we were able to fully work to prepare a program teaching students the skills of self-help in an emergency. As the title of our organization, our contingent - the children. And it needs to kind of approach, I mean that we should be able to get them interested in good examples, so that they can use self-help in practice. With this in mind, employees of the organization were the basic program of workshops in all four societies Kulob district. The event on self-help Jamoati (Society) Balhovi Opening the program coordinator Bahtidzhamol Mirzoyeva. While she explained the procedure and purpose of this event, we continued the conversation with the manager of T. Verhoturtsevoy.

-We all remember how disastrous for the city was last year's floods in May - she says .- But mudslide near infancy here in the upper sai Tuto and sai Tuto Balhovi, the local population is also affected by the disaster. Therefore, the first major event, our organization, "Najot kudakon" decided to hold the inhabitants of villages Mumirak, Gods and Habib Tuto. What we are doing here now, this is like top of the hard work that you're from the beginning of the year. In February, the group was formed from among the residents of these villages, only 41 people, we call them leaders. They held seminars and workshops on self-help in an emergency. Having good skills in each of the leaders in turn conducted a workshop with 15 people of his village on the principle that he has learned - to train others. Thus, the only method of self-help have been trained over 600 people, each of which has itself should bring their skills to family members. At all stages of our staff went on site to provide practical assistance to leaders in workshops.

- Now the audience is drawn Kurbongul Kosimova, let's hear it ... K. Kosimova through a loudspeaker in an accessible form for children reminded them of how to behave during a disaster, it is necessary first of all to do if you suddenly suffered an injury or an injury to somebody some other, nearby. Which means at hand can be used for first aid himself or another victim. It should be noted that, based on children's activity during a visual demonstration of a situation, conducted seminars and training were not wasted. When asked about K. Kosimova what happened May 6 last year, the children answered in chorus: "There was heavy rain and mudflow that destroyed bridges, roads and houses ...." The second question: "What you need to do first when you have to leave home during a disaster?". They answered: "We need to help parents and elders to take the necessary documents, turn off electricity, gas, water, and take pre-cooked pack with medical and other drugs to help." This topic has been devoted to the presentation of Puppet Theatre "Khurshed" created by the public organization "Najot kudakon." Each of those who spoke at the event, as it were the representative GO MOE Zulfiya Saidalieva, deputy chairman of the Jamoat "Balhovi" Marvori Radjabov, deputy dzhamota Gulsunbi Nazhmuddinova and others talked about the need to acquire skills and knowledge in emergency circumstances. After the quiz questions and answers and the winners were awarded special prizes. But the main gift for students, teachers, schools, residents of villages Tuto, Gods and Mumirak Habib became a concert featuring artists from the Republic Jamshed Ismoilov and ensemble Gosfilarmonii republic.

Before leaving, we asked K. Kosimova:
- This organization of the event, taking into account what has been done by your staff before, requires great mental and physical effort. Can maintain a high standard? Because such events are planned in three more societies in Kulob district!
- The load is large, but we can handle - with a smile, she said .- We accumulate experience and improve their work. "Najot kudakon" was established in 1993, was a difficult time, but we survived. Since 2003, our donor is an international organization Act Central Asia, with which we carry out their projects in the name of a noble goal - saving children. And I'm glad that everything turns out.
- Good luck to you in this noble cause.