NGOs activity became the most valuable and tangible in response to urgent needs of the society. This is the reason of foundation of NGO Najoti kudakon. Kulob and its surrounding areas were mostly injured in opposition during Civil War and fatal consequences such as deaths became irreversible. Therefore, the most affected during civil war were the children, forever deprived of parental love, care, custody, which henceforth are related to orphans. Without any exaggeration we consider that the life of most of them was under the threat of starvation.

There was no one resolving above-mentioned threat during postwar chaos. Despite, few people existed to devote their efforts. Kurbongul Kosimova is attributed to those few, who left her prestigious work in metropolitan hospital and moved to Kulob.

For those who have not yet managed to overcome the severe consequences of widowhood, poverty and misery was opened Women's Center, "Rushdie Zanon" Donor Foundation, Mercy Corps. Here, women can receive a course of herbal medicine, a psychologist and lawyer services, visit the Hall of recovery, just relax and socialize. From 1997 to the Rehabilitation Center also began to contact and women who have had various problems at home with her husband or his relatives. And analyzing the accumulated history of the treatment staff association "Nachoti Kudakon" already in 2003 on the basis of the center have created a crisis center "Safobakhsh," in Soros Foundation. Today he is able to provide individual psychological counseling in conjunction with training, a lawyer, social worker and first aid, then NGO "Nachoti kudakon" expanded the geography of its activities. Services were created to support women (SPM) in four districts of Kulob region: Shuroobad Muminabad, Hamadoni and Farhad. The main objective of this project was to provide psychological and legal assistance to women project was supported by the European Commission of Human Rights. Despite the fact that the project was completed in 2006, these centers continue to operate. Getting resistance.

All these projects are charitable nature of the violence, then they received from the donor went on to support disadvantaged people, women and children. They left and we were not able to track how it has helped them. And decided to no longer work with individuals, working with a group community. That will bring a greater effect than with individuals. So 'emerging' new project studying the formation of a set of institutions mobilizing SHGs, having received advice of the International Consultant Mrs. Jayshree Mukherjee from India. NGO "Nachoti kudakon" Act became a partner in Central Asia who supported the project "Implementation of GPS in the Kulob region." Who works at the present time. We carry out the mission promotes the active participation of the poorest people in solving their problems on their own, by increasing the capacity and authority. Self-help is "red line" on all projects for which the organization works projects whether it is "Development of the local market," Support the Crisis Center. Girls Support Services, Support Mothers ORD. Each new project to integrate the main project. our self-help groups. In 2008, the NGO "Nachoti Kudakon" received a Certificate to confirm the passage of public certification and became a public organization "Nachoti kudakon." And Evaluation: NGO "Nachoti kudakon" as large, and has held aspirations for development.

Project #1: Support for the Crisis Center "Shifobakhsh"

Project #2: Implementation of the concept of NGO's in the district of Kulob