Interview with staff

Kurbongul Kosimova
Director NGO "Najoti kudakon"

NGO Najoti kudakon and its contribution in human rights and the women's movement is my main activity. I am happy that I was able to unite like-minded people and founded PO Najoti kudakon. I am convinced that this is the beginning of a long way development and I am ready to pass through it. Programs initiative, development of mutual understanding and genuine partnership, and support of its employees, free atmosphere of creative work are the basis for coordinating my obligation as head of the organization. Only the principle of sincere cooperation and association makes it possible to help those who need our support.

Latofat Ismoilova

1993 is the year of PO Najoti kudakon foundation. I am proud that I am one of the 5 women-heroes founding this organization. The civil war in Tajikistan had reflected in the subsequent fear of our lives. My husband was killed, who also was the father of my children. With the support of my friends in PO Najoti kudakon I found myself in life. Experience in Najoti kudakon became a life lesson for me and my children. Today I am proud to consider myself a member of Najoti kudakon Association. I know that my experience is needed for many women who have suffered violence, and I am ready to share with them my experience, knowledge and capabilities.

Munira Inoyatova
("Forum for the 15th anniversary of the NGO 'Nachoti kudakon")

15 years of history, society, nation and state is not big on the duration and significance of the time. Here the importance of time measured in epochs, centuries, millennia. But for 15 years of human life is longer, not to say a huge Throughout his life, living in different ways. Some people live quietly, quietly. Eschewing life's storms, tornadoes, cycles, without giving anyone any joy or happiness, is not surprising no one, no creativity, no innovations, no vital activity. Others live an active life, where every minute is filled with boundless energy, passion and love for people. For each flower, each of raindrops, the verdant leaves, to the singing of birds, the stars and sky, the sun and a rainbow ...... life of such people is like a bright torch, whose light not only illuminates the road going through life, but it warms them helps to overcome life's ills, misery, despair. These people belong in different ways. Some people perceive them to be happy, happy, and proud of the fact that there are such people, trying to be close to them, and in joy and in sorrow. Others do not take their activity, they condemn, criticize their success, do not rejoice in their achievements. But somewhere, deep down, they envy them, because they themselves do not have the capacity of the divine humanity, optimism, positive energy.

Kurbongul Kosimova - Human - The torch is always at the center of social events. And, no matter what they wear in nature. She is always in a hurry to meet with people, if they are bad, is able to share their grief and the joy skillfully. Gently to help it is not and never reproach. Perhaps her sympathetic soul would not let her go past troubles many children orphaned or semi-orphans from the civil war in Tajikistan. Do not let her rest the tears of mothers who lost sons, daughters, husbands breadwinners in the war. Not able to send Kurbongul with what women have turned to her for help. Then, in the early postwar years, it has created a public organization "Nachoti kudakon" - "Save the Children." She first came to the aid of all victims of the horrors of war. She found time to have time to wipe away the tears of orphans, to find and send the bag deficit, then, a large family meal, have lost a breadwinner, to buy the books to those who had not, to provide compassionate attention to the woman who has lost faith in life. And how many women she has saved lives, when they wanted desperately to escape from life? Do not enumerate all the good things that are involved in organization "Nachoti kudakon" And today this organization, its employees, and I must say that it ranks grow, not sitting idly by, do not rest on our laurels, not resting on our laurels. It always raises questions and issues that hinder development of translational society in Tajikistan, all new forms of work with children, women in families, factories, in the communities on reducing domestic violence in society, enhancing women in public life are rising organization.

I think that the credibility of this organization will grow and grow, because it works on the most precious thing people have on the children, the future of the nation and state. and prosperity for the benefit of Tajiks! Let the example of serving the Fatherland will be maintained and made available not only in our country and far beyond! The permanent head of the Public Organization "Nachoti kudakon" - Kurbongul Kosimov - from the heart works, from the heart, it gives off heat of his soul. people! Let it be rewarded for its great merit! May God help you, dear rescuers!

Verhoturtseva Tatyana
Coordinator of NGO "Nachoti kudakon"

Since 2003, working in the NGO "Nachoti kudakon" coordinator. The organization is progressing with each passing year, and increasing the capacity of workers. During this period acquired experience, skills, working with communities to improve their knowledge. It was in the Republic of Afghanistan and the Republic of Kyrgyzstan to visit the exchange of experience. And I'm proud that I am an integral part of that organization, which has brought together an international team of workers. I am sure that the target set by NGO "Nachoti kudakon" reaches its apex, as it found its place in society and gives us hope for the future.

Rachkova Tatyana
Psychologist crisis center "Shifobakhsh"

New meeting new people, new knowledge, experience and interest - that's for me "Nachoti kudakon"

Gulomnabiev Komil Rasulovich
The representative of the Aga Khan

Civil society organizations play an important role in the development of our country. Each year, the contribution of civil society in Tajikistan in the formation of a democratic state is becoming more tangible. Along with all other organizations, the NGO "Nachoti kudakon" headed by Kurbongul Ismoilovna steadily expanding its activities. This organization cares about those less fortunate. Vulnerable persons and persons with disabilities in Kulob District of Khatlon region.

For me, the NGO "Nachoti kudakon" one of the first schools in the public sector. It was in this organization in 2000 I began my work in the sphere of civil society. I can not forget the first training, which I was invited NGOs' Nachoti kudakon. " Since that day my life changed for the better, and I discovered the gates of the "new world". I remember the first sentence of the Kurbongul Ismilovna on how to coordinate the activities of the Children's Rehabilitation Centre for vulnerable children Kulob. For me, working in the children's center, a great spiritual satisfaction. Our work was aimed at those who need it and we are proud to be working in the NGO "Nachoti kudakon" The time has passed. We had the opportunity to not only develop their skills in the NGO "Nachoti kudakon", but also to move up the career ladder . Today, many of our employees, "Nachoti kudakon" work in various organizations and some even in leadership positions. I want to take this opportunity to thank Kurbongul Ismoilovna, thanks to you the NGO "Nachoti kudakon" Your help is thriving and the people who need them receive timely support.

Konkova Anna
Lecturer, State University of Kulob

At the time of the organization "Najoti kudakon" I was one of the teachers Kulob Pedagogical Institute, which was invited to work hard to work in the postwar period of the Civil War. But despite this work from the heart. I worked in the implementation of two projects. At first the project "Training on Business" seminars conducted not only with women widows who lost husbands in the Civil War of 1992-1993, but also with young women and young people. Reached more than 200 people. The second project, which is supported by the Soros Foundation - "an organization of child education center," He was given the name "Khurshed." It was organized for the children whose fathers were killed in the Civil War, and children from disadvantaged families. It worked except I still Gulomnabiev K Kutbudinova A Abdurahmonov C. Children come to the center will not only receive lessons in English, Persian and Russian languages, mathematics, history of religion, but to acquire computer skills, was organized by the circle of "skillful hands" where children are helped to develop their skills in knitting and drawing. Was a good atmosphere for leisure activities for children, so they do not feel alone, isolated from family, from the environment. The work was hard, but very interesting, it was impossible to tear children from their classes, sat up late into the night. Working in NGOs ' Najoti kudakon " I got a great experience. And then, almost one third of workers working in this organization began to work on their own or other organizations or in international organizations, either on its own already established their non-governmental organizations which have become leaders.

Dilovar Ismoilov.

NGO "Najoti kudakon" - is my first steps into adulthood. This is the first experience of working in a team. The organization has helped the formation of my personality, and professional. I am glad that the experts are trying every possible way for the young, as well as all those in need of support.

Kinyaev Yuri Pavlovich
Chairman of the NGO "Council of Russian Compatriots Kulob region.

On weekdays and holidays, along NGO "Nachoti kudakon" and NGO "Council of Russian Compatriots Kulo region," the young and old, coming and going, so that's going on in our lives, which flies like an instant. Manages the organization Kosimov Kurbongul, which gives itself for the good, clean, bright. Faith, hope, love and success in the organization.

Dilbar Murodova

I'm happy for you dear members of NGO "Najoti kudakon" and I want to say that you are in Tajikistan noticeable phenomenon. I express my admiration and gratitude for what you love, kindness, health and strength, giving to the poor by helping them to be happy, meaningful and active. The main thing - the ability to meet with the hope of coming every day. Yes, your plans will come true and dreams, luck will be with you.

Turko Dikaev
The correspondent of news agency "Asia Plus" in Kulob districts of Khatlon region

I am proud that I was right, supporting the first tentative steps "Najoti kudakon," which surprised many over the years has become one of the leading non-governmental organizations and non-government movement in Tajikistan.